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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Every Man Needs a Tractor…

About a month ago, we moved back onto Peg’s old home place, AKA the “Three Ninety Eight Ranch” which is 40 acres of crop & pasture in Central Missouri. We needed a small tractor for it and a few weeks ago I found a 1955 Ford Model 640 for sale by an old gentleman I’ve known for a while. I also knew he hadn’t hurt it any. The 600 Series was the first substantial step up from the old Ns and Jubilees; with a 134 CID ‘Red Tiger OHV, side-mounted distributor engine and enough power to easily handle a two-bottom plow. 


Negotiations were opened and before long, I had myself a tractor, Dual Model 100 loader-stacker and a Howse 6’ rotary mower. So it was time to get busy. I have been working hell out of this little 640... mowed the old 16 acre crop field, behind the house, and pushed a big stand of brush back at the east end of the waterway. I wanted to mow it early, to keep the weeds from going to seed- and so I didn't have to wade brush to pick up my doves and quail. 


Since the field was cut, I’ve dinged a coyote with my .40 Smith and we’ve watched our little herd of deer from the backyard, perhaps 350 yards out. That means it’s time to set up the range. 

An old pile of logs, that was too rotten for firewood, is going in stack at the end of the waterway. That's going to be the back-stop for the range, which will be at least 200 yards across the crop-field. We can probably stretch that out to 300 diagonally, if we're real careful. This will be a back-saver when it comes to getting in the winter’s firewood. 


The great news is that in several days of full-throttle mowing in 100 degree heat, this little guy used a grand total of ONE PINT of oil! Being  about the same age, we’re both ready for a break at the same time. This keeps either one of us from hurting the other one much.

Everybody wants to drive it… even pretty girls. 


Which ain’t such a bad thing, really.

And finally- even the dog approves!