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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Is someone close to you a Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Marine? Are you, like me, sick of seeing them underfunded and under-equipped by Congress? Used as political pawns by elected jackasses who pretend to support the Constitution and the 'Average American'- yet won't even cover their heart when the Pledge is given? So am I.

Every time I see some pork-barrel project attached to funding for the War on Terror, it makes me want to go to Washington and spray for vermin. I figure that any insecticide that suffices for cockroaches, fleas and bed-bugs should clear the hallowed halls of the Legislature in about 30 seconds.

Worse still is the pathetic field of contenders, vying for the job as their Commander in Chief.

My disdain for the current field of presidential candidates is widely known; honestly, the thought of voting for any of them makes me nauseous. The only thing I'm certain of is that we're going to have a president who couldn't even carry ammo for George Washington or Theodore Roosevelt.

I had originally intended to sit this election out, or simply cast a 'protest vote' for any write-in candidate up to and including Bozo The Friggin' Clown. But the fact remains that we have a solid half-dozen relatives who are active duty with the military.

Our service men and women get little more than lip-service from the candidates themselves. Nobody seems to care that these young Americans have made the biggest personal investment in America, and that they have the most to lose or gain from the outcome of this election.

Some of them will be starting their third tour in a combat zone, before the summer's end. ALL of them have voluntarily sacrificed control over their personal lives, in selfless service of this once-great nation. There are also those who have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice, and have given their very lives protecting the freedoms that some in government still spit on- and many everywhere take for granted.

Shouldn't their sacrifices be worth more? Shouldn't they know that we trust them with the future of this nation?

YOU, as a voter, have the power to amplify their numbers and repay but a small portion of what they have given for this nation. How?

One- By not wasting a single VOTE.

Two- Unsure of of who to vote for? ASK A US SOLDIER, SAILOR, AIRMAN or MARINE.

Three- Regardless of who they pick, VOTE FOR THEIR CHOICE.

Four- Circulate this effort via email, word of mouth, or smoke signal. Get it done.

Five- Keep it rolling- every Senate and House member or candidate should know that the 'Military Vote' just got a big dose of steroids.

Oh, and one more thing. While you're asking that Marine, Soldier, Airman, or Sailor who they'd like for their Commander in Chief? Offer our sincere thanks- and our apologies for not offering them better choices.

Now get busy. We ain't got much time left.

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