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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Legal Disclaimer

It recently occurred to me that I've never done a legal Disclaimer for this site. While the Roll Call remains linked to The Sixgun Journal (the archive of my older articles) Sarge's Roll Call should probably have its own.

It is rather unfortunate that in these dawning years of the 21st century, the concepts of personal responsibility and common sense seem to be all but dead . So...

1. This site offers sensible discourse on the safe, sane and lawful uses of firearms, for recreation, hunting and self-defense. This isn't Disneyland . Trees die to make targets, and really nice sets of grips. Animals die to make food, or when they threaten the safety of people or domestic animals. They also die from disease, over-population and starvation when people don't hunt them. Predatory people have to be shot sometimes too, to prevent them from hurting or killing other, innocent people. This happens because the bad people have made a conscious choice to engage in conduct that is harmful to others, and in the process they expose themselves to the lawful use of deadly force. Unpleasant business, but the choice is theirs. They can certainly choose to avoid the reprehensible conduct that exposes them to it. 

Reading about this stuff will not cause your children to be born naked and toothless. They are born that way anyhow. But if you are squeamish about any of these subjects, you would be better off somewhere else. 
All written material, photographs, graphics and design may not be reproduced, re-written or resold without the express written permission of the author or webmaster. Single copies may be printed or saved digitally, for your personal use. The Webmaster adds "You still can't steal the graphics!" The Webmaster is a redhead, has Coamche/Apache blood and is a good shot. I wouldn't cross her if I was you.

3. YOU, and YOU ALONE are responsible for the lawful and safe application of any information or ideas, which you glean from my writings. You are responsible for determining what is lawful and safe wherever you are, at any given time. Possession of handguns, for instance, is legal where I live. I am told that there are still places in this nation where the simple possession of a handgun is a felony offense. What is legal in here in Missouri won't necessarily be legal in "New Yawk Sitty", or anywhere else. Don't cry to me if you get your tail in a wringer because you didn't ask somebody, like BATF, your local Prosecutor, or your state Attorney General, before engaging in a course of conduct that turns out to be illegal. One more time - YOU, and YOU ALONE are responsible for the lawful and safe application of any information or ideas, which you glean from my writings.

4. Reloading Data - you will occasionally find here specific reloads that I have used, that were safe in my guns, using my components, with me putting them together carefully. These reloads may be unsafe in your guns, especially if you don't put them together carefully. Wanna reload? Buy manuals from the people who make the equipment, powder and components. Many offer a handbook for free. Then, start at the lowest powder charge listed and work your way up, observing the guidelines that they offer. There is absolutely no excuse for building an unsafe reload. For my money, the single best sources of reloading information on the web are  Hodgdon's   and 


As a visitor to our website, you may read articles and other materials, without giving us any personally identifiable information.  We DO NOT collect any information other than what you provide in an email to Sarge or information automatically collected by our web stat analysis program.  We assure you that this information is kept secure and not used for any other purpose

Thank you for looking in. Be careful, and have fun. You really can do both if you follow a few simple rules, and use the common sense that the Good Lord gave you.