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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Missouri Bullet Company’s Cast .45 Colt Bullets

I have been working up some loads for an Old Vaquero I picked up a few months ago.

My goal was to build a set of loads that would 'cover all the bases' and still shoot to the sights. As you view these targets you will note that the gun shoots a little left. This was rested shooting and oddly enough, the gun hits where it looks when I fire it two-hand, unsupported. Anyhow ignore the windage dispersion because when the load development is finished- I'll zero the gun to shoot in the middle of all of them.

I'd been corresponding with Brad Alpert at Missouri Bullets for some time. He soon convinced me that he knows his bullets and alloys, so I decided to give his bullets a try.

The first step was to build a factory-duplication load, and I used MO Bullet's 'Cowboy #1' which is a 255 RNFP. My goal was to break 800 fps and 7.2 grains of W231 averaged 825 fps. It turned out to be a shooter, too:

For my 'second gear' load I used John Linebaugh's 13.0/HS6/255 SWC load- recommended for Blackhawk-size Rugers, only. With MO Bullet's 'Cowboy #9' it runs 1045 fps, and it'll kill anything wandering the woods down here. Since this is a hunting load, I shot it at 50 yards. I did brain-fart and load one of RNFP's into the cylinder-full that made the following group. It's the shot farthest left, and you may count it or discount it at your discretion:

To say that I'm happy with these bullets is an understatement. These are bulk bullets, underselling a considerable segment of the market, and they shot exceptionally well in this old Vaquero. Missouri Bullets will be getting more of my business.

Now all I’ve got to do is get the heavy-bullet load cooked up!

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Anonymous J Miller said...


Before you go altering the sights on your Ruger try altering your grip just a bit and changing the placement of your trigger finger.
CEnter your trigger on the pad between the joint and tip of your finger. Too much trigger finger pushes the gun to the left. I fight with this all the time on my single actions. When I shot with two hands supported from the bench I'd shoot centered groups. But one handed or unsupported I push them to the left. Drove me nuts until I figured out what I was doing. Now, when I remember to place my trigger finger correctly on the trigger I can shoot centered easily.

J Miller

Sunday, November 01, 2009 2:00:00 PM  
Blogger Sarge said...


Thanks for your input. A lot of lead has gone downrange since this article was posted and your suggestion does have merit. I tried that and while it helped, the Vaquero still shot left so I opened the notch a tad a shaved a little off the side of the front sight.

Last week I 'Elmered' a few shots off at a 150 yard coffee can sitting in the snow, and the impacts were right in line with it. I'm calling it good but you can be sure I pay close attention to proper trigger placement. It all goes to basics, which I see as absolutes.

Thanks again and drop in any time. Your comments are always welcome.


Thursday, January 07, 2010 12:49:00 AM  

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