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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The "Idiot Vote"

Just about everybody over eleven understands that voting is, and always will be, a choice between the lesser of two evils. None of these people are perfect and just like the rest of us, they have all done things that they'd rather not see splattered all over FOX and CNN.

Election-year politics are simply a grandiose effort to make each candidate look better than they actually are- and their opponents look far worse. What's absurd is that this entire effort is aimed at idiots who lack basic cognitive and analytical abilities- people incapable of evaluating the candidates and making up their own minds.

This decision making process should be based upon what all these folks actually did as public servants- before they announced their candidacy. Their core issues, the causes they support and the bills they sponsored or voted on are all a matter of public record. In some cases, they did nothing at all and voted 'present'. These are facts, not election-year bullshit. They cannot be changed. They can only be 'spun' in the hope that we, the voting public, at too stupid or lazy to check the facts.

But the facts are easy to get. Once obtained, you simply hold them up against your own core values (assuming you have any) and make a decision.
For instance...if you are serious about your Second Amendment rights, you'd have to be an idiot to vote for Obama. This is crystal clear to most of us, yet some gun owners will inevitably vote for Obama.

Of course this is America and McCain-Feingold notwithstanding, we are pretty much free to express our opinions on these topics. I'm all for this, despite the fact that I have learned to ignore it.

I simply refute the notion that idiots should decide an election. Anyone who hasn't made a choice by now is probably not going to make a reasoned one- or they simply lack the core values which most people will use as their personal standard for evaluating a candidate.

This is rather sad. Poor choices can have dire consequences.


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