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Saturday, February 09, 2008

"Hold Your Nose" Voting...

At this point it appears certain that John McCain will get the Republican nomination- unless RNC gets the message that nominating him will toss the election. To party-line voters, he certainly appears to be an electable candidate. McCain's prior military service, POW status, etc. get him bonus points with a lot of people- and I respect those things. This family has many members who have served with distinction and pride. Exemplary prior service is a wonderful thing.

It is also not the 'only' thing.

Tim McVeigh was a decorated veteran of the United States Army, having served in the Gulf War, where he was awarded a Bronze Star Medal.

Benedict Arnold served with distinction in many battles, including a dangerous assault against the center of the British line at Saratoga, where he was wounded. In battle he was imaginative, daring, and courageous.

I have also known decorated police officers who later became thieves, drug dealers, kiddie porn producers and child molesters. I have had to take several of them down, myself. You see, my oath of office (as well as my sanity) requires that I separate the good people have done in the past, from whatever evil they are doing in the present.

I apply those same rules to whom I will, or will not, support politically. Beyond that- I flatly refuse to 'hold my nose and vote', ever again. Take a look at the current political landscape for evidence of exactly how well 'hold your nose' voting works.

'Hold your nose' voting lowers not only our own standards, but the standards of those who represent us in government. Those lowered standards translate directly into SCOTUS appointments and confirmations...or not. Senator McCain, BTW, knows all about the 'or not' aspect of that process.

I'm not voting for anyone unless I actually believe they will guard the constitution and the principles I believe in. McCain's well-documented leftist legislative efforts and associations have disqualified him from being a candidate I can support. So put me on the 'Paul list' unless Huckaby pulls a rabbit out of his hat.

You can rest assured that after the general election, RNC and the individual campaigns will invest much effort in determining how many hard-line conservative votes McCain's RINO record has cost him. When they count mine in that column- I assure you that it will not have been 'wasted'.


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