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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ruger SP101 Goodness...

The best guns are proven guns.

I had worked on this .357 snub back in 2001, when a cop buddy (“T-Shizzle”- and you would just have to see him to fully appreciate this moniker) first bought it. The stock front sight was too short so the gun shot high. This was easily corrected with a new front sight from Ruger, who we suspect may have inadvertently installed a shorter sight intended for another version of the SP. The gun it also printed considerably left at anything beyond ten yards. I snapped this photo in a hurry, for a point of reference before we started turning the barrel. Ammo was CCI’s 125 grain Magnum JHP; range was about 22 long steps.

…and turn the barrel we did, per the method described in this article:

My brief time in 2001 with this lil’ Ruger convinced me that the revolver had potential. It has continued to 'chug on' through several hundred rounds at qualifications, never missing a beat or a primer. So I have been pestering ol' "T" for six years straight, trying to pry him loose from it- and yesterday I finally broke him down. Among the other goodies acquired in this deal were a box and a half of CCI Blazer .38 special target loads- their version of the old hollow-base full wadcutter. While Blazers have never been among my favorite handgun loads, I decided to try a few through this snub since I thought they’d do for small game and pests around the farm.

Looks to me like they’re going to ‘do’ just fine. Now to find out which full-snort .357 Magnums it likes, and shoots to the sights.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just bought a Ruger SP101 this week. Fired some 38 +P and 357 rounds through it. Mine has a Hogue grip. Great little gun. And no IL!

Enjoy your site.

Friday, October 16, 2009 12:09:00 PM  

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