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Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Far-Reaching Effects of the Gabrielle Giffords Shooting

Splitting wood is hard work by any standard, but it clears the mind. Unfortunately it does not clear it of concern over current events. The senseless shooting of AZ Representative  Gabrielle Giffords, along with her staff and well-wishers, has shocked our national conscience. Decent people are dead and gravely wounded- all at the hands of an idiot whose likely motive was nothing more complex than 'attention for himself'.

I'm afraid gun owners and freedom lovers are in for some perilous times. I expect this event will precipitate a multi-pronged assault on what’s left of our freedom, on these fronts:

1. Freedom of Speech: The Sheriff of Pima County—who blames ‘television and talk radio for a decline in America’ that led to this shooting—has started the media ball rolling. Expect any anti-Obama rhetoric to instantly become ‘hate speech’ with a stigma of murder and mayhem attached to it. And while legislation contrary to the first Amendment is likely to fail- keep in mind than an Obama appointee runs the FCC and that regulatory fiat is only limited by the public’s willingness, and financial ability, to sue for injunction.

Never mind that fact that Ms. Giffords  is a conservative Democrat—more conservative than many RINO Republicans—and never mind that the jackwad who shot her has no known ties to conservative groups. It won’t matter. Conservatives are already getting blamed for this crime. The same bleaters who tell us we should forget the WTC attacks will insist that we remember the Giffords shooting forever, all in the name of ‘stamping out acrimony in politics’. They want no clear defining lines between liberals and conservatives- and this gives them an emotional vehicle to promote their agenda.

2. A new ‘Assault Weapons’ Bill: Expect a new AWB, dead-certain to include ‘extended (hi-cap) magazines’ to be introduced in short order. We’ll see if our newly-elected conservatives in the house have the will, and cohesiveness, to stop it.

3. NICS Background Checks: There are limits to what the Administration can do to stop or delay firearm sales, via the NICS check, under Brady-Lautenberg. But again, an Obama appointee runs the FBI, which oversees NICS, and that ‘regulatory fiat’ monster will rear its head here as well. Once it does, you can expect long delays when buying a firearm from a dealer.

Elections have consequences, people- and we’re about to get an unpleasant reminder of that fact.


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