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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Those of you who know me through various internet gun forums, already know me pretty well. For everyone else, I am “Sarge” on the various spinoff’s of John Taffin’s old Campfire board. In places where that handle was taken, I am usually “SargeMO” or “invssgt”, which is the root of an e-mail address I have used since I first stepped onto the information superhighway.

The web forums I frequent vary according to my interests, their longevity, and whether or not the participants are allowed to act like poorly-raised 3rd graders in the middle of a snowball fight. We see more and more of this abhorrent conduct as time progresses, which is sad. I blame the Clinton administration, reality TV, and Oprah, in no particular order. It actually goes back much further than that, but these people are still around to boycott, and talk bad about.

Clinton demonstrated that anybody really could be president- and that “anybody” could include bald-faced liars and cruds. Reality TV encourages our youth to be jackasses; in fact one of the more popular reality shows, aimed at youth, was called just that. Oprah has promoted brainlessness among our women, and generally championed left-wing celebrities and causes. The entertainment industry and media in general thinks she’s wonderful- but they loved Clinton, too. This would be the same entertainment industry that just awarded four Golden Globes to a queer cowboy movie.

Roy Rogers and TR would not be amused, and neither am I. Since Roy and the rest of us appreciate a good gun, we can be thankful that we are still free enough to enjoy such diversions- and enjoy them every chance we get. Lets work hard at keeping it that way.

Sad news from AP-

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- U.S. Repeating Arms said Tuesday it will close its Winchester firearm factory, threatening the future of a rifle that pioneers toted into the Wild West and John Wayne hoisted onto the big screen.

The Winchester Model 94 and Model 70 rifles will no longer be produced. The 94 was introduced before TR & the Roughriders went to Cuba, and remained available until the present. It is the eternal “Thirty-Thirty” that so many of us fired as our first “big game” rifle. It is as distinctly American as any rifle I can think of. The Model 70 was introduced in 1936, and embodied the quintessential American sporting rifle. Perhaps the only subject, upon which Elmer Keith and Jack O’Connor agreed, was that the Model 70 was a superb rifle.

The Winchester name is owned by Olin Corporation, and we can hope that they will keep this American tradition alive. Our sincere hope is to report some good news on that front soon.


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